CB4 To Miami Could Make Some Raps History

Normally at the Dino Nation Blog it has been my unoffical policy to avoid to much talk of rumours. But I am going to make and exception for this one. Dan LeBatard a well know Miami media type has tweeted he is hearing that Bosh to Miami is a done deal. Here is the Quote from Twitter.

"I hear bosh-miami is done ..bosh-wade shared agent avoids tampering...its why beasley, chalmers, anthony still here...raptors get them"

It will in fact be a sign and trade. Here is the rumoured deal:

To Toronto:

Michael Beasley (F)

Mario Chalmers (G)

Joel Anthony (C)

To Miami:

Chris Bosh

Now to say that I am jumping up and down about this would not be true. Beasley is the 2nd pick version of Andrea Bargnani. He has had flashes of being good, but overall has been a disappointment. Chalmers is nothing special but has his moments. While Joel Anthony has played behind people in Miami and never really had a chance to play heavy minutes consistently. However what he is thought is a Canadian. A member of Canada's National Team and would be the first ever Canadian to wear a Raptor jersey assuming he remains. That would at least make me smile a bit. Prior to Miami offering him a qualifying offer, he was someone I felt the Raptors should consider. This could mean a move of Andrea Bargnani to the power forward spot if Bosh departs. Will see on all of it. But if this deal goes through it will make Raptor History on a couple fronts. The end of the Chris Bosh Era and a historic moment for the Raptors franchise with having a Canadian suit up for Canada's only NBA Franchise for the first time. Many will not think this is enough for Bosh. However I have always believed that you would never get as much as some assumed in a sign and trade for Bosh.

Update 12:50

Hence why the DNB hates rumours. According to Micheal Grange of the Globe and Mail this rumour is false. As for something factual Chris Bosh unfollowed me on Twitter and I never even realized. But you can make up for it if you don't follow me already @Dinonationblog. I want to remain classy and respect all that Chris has done for the Raptors. However his actions since the end of the season make that harder and harder to do. But I will remain acting like a grown up. I am not going to let a lousy end to 7 years erase what Bosh accomplished. On the floor unlike that other guy that demanded a trade, Chris always came to play.


  1. Usually you are the one Raptors blogger I agree with...calling Beasley the 2nd pick version of Andrea is harsh and unfair

    Hopefully the rumour is true and he gets to prove you wrong

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy your blog

  2. I'd say Beasley is also like Hedo, a knucklehead, I'd rather have Haslem (they would have to renounce him probably). I think Miami only qualified him just in case they can't sign 2 max FAs with Wade, otherwise, they will have to withdraw it and renounce him. Chalmers could definitely start over Calderon.

  3. I have been wrong before but as far as on the court I think it is a decent comparison. I think Heat fans have a similar frustration with him as Raps fans do with Bargnani. Seems the Raptors are not interested in this deal as is being reported by many now.

    Glad you do agree with me most of time. We all have different opinions and views on players it happens. Haslem is not under contract to Miami. Only 2 are plus the RFA rights to Anthony.

  4. Oh, with respect to Haslem, I ment get him via Sign and Trade, the Heat wouldn't lose anything there because he would have to be renounced in order to sign 2 max FAs