Raps Hang Tough With Celtics- Up Next Bulls

First before we look back, tonight I will liveblog the Raptors and Bulls here on the DNB Website. So make sure you tune in and join us for that. Now a quick look back to the weekend. I was able to watch 3 quarters of the game between the Raptors and Celtics. That was long enough to watch Andersen layout Big Baby and bloody his nose. The Celtics who traditionally have bullied the Raptors were a bit taken back by this much more scrappy in your face Raptors team. Andrea Bargnani for the second straight game looked anything like the best player on the roster. Yes it is just the pre-season but that does not mean there is not reason to be concerned. Through 2 pre-season games Andrea has averaged 3.5 points and 3.5 rebounds in 57 minutes of game action. Shooting just 2-17 combined in those two games. David Andersen has better numbers and he was not the 1st pick in the draft by a long shot.

As for the battle at point guard the needle still points to advantage Jack. Jarrett had 18 points (team high) and 6 boards only 1 assist vs Boston. While Calderon did have 6 assists but no rebounds and went 0-4 from the field and had just 2 points. Calderon has never had much success vs Boston in his career as Rajon Rondo takes him to school on a regular basis. The Raptors did use Barbosa to guard Rondo when he was on the floor with Calderon. Barbosa was good in this game with 16 points himself and was 2-4 from 3 point range.

Sonny Weems was your top Young Gun on the day with 13 points and the "Play of the Day" turning a turnover into instant offence and a heck a dunk. DeRozan had 11 points 3 steals and got to the line 8 times, the bad news he only made 5 of those 8. While Amir Johnson in limited minutes(15) had just 5 points and 3 rebounds.

While it was clearly a step down from their amazing start the Raptors were in the game with the Celtics throughout. Boston did play all their regulars in this one including former Raptor J.O and Shaq. In the end Boston pulled it out 91-87.

So now it is bring on the Bulls, as the Raptors pay a visit to Chuck Swirsky and the Bulls minus Carlos Boozer their big off-season prize. But even with no additions this is a Bulls team that beat down the Raptors, on route to the playoffs before getting tossed aside by the Cavs and Lebron James. They did add some other pieces like Ronnie Brewer to the mix. Raptors will face the Bulls both tonight and 8 days from now. I am very curious to see how the Raptors will do in the re-match games with both the Suns and Bulls. See if teams can learn from what they saw the first time. Even though it is only the pre-season. But still it is not like they are going to ignore the tape of the games altogether.

So see you all at 7:45 for Raptors and Bulls liveblog here on the DNB website.

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