Freindly Rivals- Sonny vs Demar Interviews

They make up 2/3 of the Young Gunz and they are the best of friends off the floor. Sonny Weems and Demar DeRozan compete about everything including playing time for the Raptors. I decided prior to the pre-season game with the Bulls to talk with both of them. It was fun stuff and we talk about the upcoming season, Battling at video games and how this relationship has helped both get better on the floor. First up is Sonny Weems with a little bit of Demar in the background. Unedited Sonny and Demar.

From there we head over for some retort from Demar

They along with Amir Johnson are launching a website together and they are having an announcement today at 3pm (@RealSports) to it would be assumed to officially launch this website. The Young Gunz have a chance to make the Toronto Raptors their team this year and Toronto and Canada their fans. These guys may understand better then others in the past the unique chance they have to have fans across an entire country. They have fun and work hard and that is something Raptors fans have seemed to buy into and love these guys for it.

There was a lot of talk of 2k11 in there and I will be having Zack Cooper from the Fan 590 and the host of Got Game to talk more about the game which is honestly the greatest basketball video game that has ever been produced.

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