Jack is Back in The Starting 5

It is still always a thrill to talk with Jack Armstrong here in the Dino Nation Blog. He has been a guest here now on many occasions, but it never gets old talking ball with him. Today we talk about Canada Basketball and the program and it's future. Obviously it has been disappointing in terms of results in Turkey, as Canada lost today late in the 4th quarter coming unglued in a loss to France. Andy Rautins was not able to go for Canada in that one. We also dive head first into the Raptors off-season, and what is to come for the Raptors in this upcoming NBA season. Thoughts on some of the new faces and some of the old ones as the season draws near. All of that and some thoughts on what this summer will mean for the NBA as a whole. Has this summer helped or hurt the NBA? Jack says it will come down to one thing. To find out what that thing is and a lot more have a listen to our conversation.

It is always a pleasure to talk with Jack and he is always great to add some insight and opinion on all things basketball. He may never end up on Twitter, but some how I don't think it matters much. I am grateful to have got to know Jack through the Dino Nation Blog and he has always been supportive to me and helpful. What lies ahead for this season still remains to be seen. The one constant we have with the Raptors is great people covering the team like Jack. We are very fortunate in that regard as fans. You only need to listen to broadcasts from other NBA markets to know that. If you are missing Jack you can catch him covering Canada's final 2 games at the worlds on TSN 2 if you are able to get that network. He does just as great a job breaking down Canada B-Ball as he does with the Raps. Hope you enjoyed his latest visit to the DNB and look forward to him being back in the future as I do.


  1. Enjoyed listening to Jack. He speaks the truth and does not sugarcoat things like a lot of broadcasters do in order to protect their employment. He is not a shill, and lays it out there and that is why Jack is so beloved in this city.

  2. I agree it is part of why he is my favourite guest. Not that I don't appreicate what others bring I do. But with Jack you get the reality as he sees it with no frills at all. I respect Jack a ton and we share a lot of views about the team most times and even on the ones we don't I respect him enough to see it from his side of things.