Raptors Shuffle Deck- Trade Marco For Wright

ESPN's Mark Stein is reporting the Toronto Raptors have traded Marco Belinelli for Julian Wright. Marco Belinelli was deep in the Raptor doghouse for most of last season and had fallen out of the rotation for the most part. Wright has spent his career with the Hornets and averaged just 4 ppg and last season played in 68 games and started 14 for the Hornets. In his 3 years with New Orleans has averaged just 12 minutes of floor time.

This is a minor move and nothing really to start jumping up and down about. But it does at least give the indication that the Raptors are still searching to make moves and improve the roster for next season. It does not address the issue at Center. Wright at 6 foot 8 can play at the small forward and add some depth that is lacking at that position though.

The Raptors announced that they indeed will be holding training camp at campus of UBC in British Columbia from October 1-6. This is the first time the Raptors have ventured west for camp after 2 years of holding training camp in Ottawa. Raptors will also be taking on the Suns in an exhibition game during their stay out west. Raps will officially start camp in Toronto at ACC from September 28-30th.

So a little news for you to chew on during these dog days of August.

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