Raptors and Nets Deported To England

The Fan 590 is reporting the The Toronto Raptors and New Jersey Nets will play 2 games in England. The dates are said to be March 4th and 5th. New Jersey owner Mikhail Prokhrov has had grand plans to build the Nets into a global brand. Little harder to pull off when you bomb out in free agency. The Raptors have not exactly enjoyed a great off-season as well. So the fact these games are in March will not likely mean much for ether side. No details on how this will work but a safe bet would be each team will lose 1 home game and take the profit from the London games. But nothing has been confirmed on how season ticket holders would be compensated.

Since Vince Carter has left the Nets and Raptors are no longer a draw in Toronto and is anyone really a draw for the Nets? So this make good business sense for both teams. Having been at a Raptors vs Nets game last season it was far from a packed house. Still the under lying message is pretty clear that Raptors are not likely to be a playoff contender. Why else would you give up a home date (We assume) to take a long flight to England in beginning of March. There would be an obvious negative impact in doing so. While it makes good business sense it also sends a message to the fan base that is not a positive one for next season.

But who people should feel the most sorry for is all the suckers in England that will over pay for what is basically a d-level NBA game anyway you cut it. You might remember a funny story from Demar DeRozan's rookie season. He saw the pre-season schedule and thought the Raptors were playing and exhibition game in London, England. He was a bit off as it was in London, Ontario. Rookie mistake but this time Mr. DeRozan is going to England. I think it is a safe bet he isn't going to meet the queen or anything for this trip.

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