Far From Hall Of Fame

This has been a week full of next no Raptor News. Jay Triano is going to be an assistant for team U.S.A. Nice honour for Jay and some will use it to justify why he should be the coach of the Raptors. I won't be one of those. However that is not the topic today. This weekend Emitt Smith is going in the Football Hall of Fame. He follows Troy Akiman and Michael Irvin into the hall of fame. I am a Cowboys fan as I have mentioned a few times in the blog before. I remember the 3 Super Bowls that these 3 won together with great fondness. Most times championships are a big measuring stick for people making the hall of fame. A long with Smith one of the other inductees is Ricky Jackson a linebacker and long time Saint who won a Super Bowl at the end of his career with 49ers. Really the first every long-time Saint to be inducted. It got me thinking if we will ever see a Raptor Hall of Famer.

I don't think T-Mac, Vince Carter or Chris Bosh will make the Hall of Fame. Those would be the 3 players that stick out as possibilities. None of the 3 have won championships to this point. Bosh likely wins a few with Miami before all is said and done. Vince still hangs on to the hope of winning one in Orlando. While T-Mac is just holding out hope for a job at this point. Although if you believe the Bulls the only thing preventing him is his attitude. The Raptors will make the hall of fame when Kobe Bryant goes in. They will because you will see clips of that 81 point performance in every career highlight reel for Kobe.

There is even debate of if The Raptors would acknowledge Vince Carter and I guess now Bosh with having their numbers retired. If we took a poll pretty sure the results of it would not be positive for Bosh or Carter. As a Raptor fan we are left with not a lot of memories. When I look back as a Cowboy fan I have a ton of memories from that era. I went down to Detroit and Silverdome to see the Cowboys destroy the Lions, on the way to the first Super Bowl. For Raptor fans their are no memories of championships or even getting close to any. A lone series win and a few scattered memories a long the way.

I hope some day I can have the pride that I feel heading into this weekend in terms of the Raptors some day. Emitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Troy Akiman all worked together and worked hard to be great together. They all said that you can't tell any of their stories without mentioning the other 2. Maybe the Raptors are starting a story like that with the Young Guns. Basketball tends to be a Big 3 world but long before Boston's Big 3 there were Triplets in Dallas.

Championships and Hall a fame inductees seem so far off the radar for the Raptors it isn't even funny. I really hope thier is a day that their are Raptors that can bring a smile to my face like Akiman, Irvin and Smith. Be you watching the NFL Hall of Fame inductions or something else this weekend, enjoy it and see you back here Monday.

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