3 Up and 3 Down

Welcome to an off-season edition of 3 up and 3 down. It is the fun game that you can all play along in the comments as well if you want. 3 things that are good and 3 things that are bad in the NBA or with Raps. Simple as that.


1. Demar DeRozan had a great summer league and still has a great work ethic. I expect big things from Demar next season. Quite honestly Raptors need him to be. But at least all signs are pointing the right direction. He will lead the Young Guns to great things hopefully.

2. Kevin Durant in an off-season that has showed the ugly side of a lot of NBA players, it has shown the great side of Kevin Durant. Set to lead Team USA into the Worlds. He is rapidly becoming the 3rd best player in the NBA and not content to stay there. LBJ and Kobe are soon to have company.

3. Shaq is back. I know being on Celtics might not be the greatest fit for him. But still I am happy Shaq remains in the NBA. I am not sure what the league will be like when he is eventually does leave. But I am not ready to experience it yet.


1. To Miami Heat. So many reasons for this but the one I will choose the fact they sold are their season tickets the fired their sales staff. That is a total classless and tacky move. They can afford to pay Wade, James and Bosh but can't afford to pay some poor working stiffs. Miami Heat have shown little class and it is safe to say many in the NBA can't wait to watch them fail. From the victory parade before the fact through everything else it is August and I am already sick of hearing about the Heat.

2. Bryan Colangelo- From trades that didn't work to slagging Chris Bosh. It really has not been a good summer for B.C. Here is hoping he can pull it out of the fire if not for himself but for all of us. His future with the Raptors and his legacy is on the line.

3. ESPN for never letting things die. From Lebron's decision and about 10,000,000 wrong rumours, to the never ending Favre, To the on going quest of a juice head to hit 600 home runs. ESPN has done a lot of great things over the years but is rapidly becoming what is wrong with sports.

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