Mello A Raptor? Really?

First Amir Johnson was talking (well tweeting) then Reggie Evans was too about Carmelo Anthony being a Raptor? Is this possible and does it make any real sense. First part of this puzzle if you want to believe in this would be the Nuggets G.M who is from the Raptors Organization. Masai Ujiri took the job with the Nuggets and is in a situation that was not unlike the one Rob Babcock faced in Toronto with Vince Carter. An unhappy star that clearly wants out. Unlike Carter though Mello finds himself in the position of Bosh, James and Wade from last season with one year to go on his contract. While Ujiri is saying the right things about wanting to keep Anthony, Coming from the Raptors and watching how the Bosh situation unfolded with a front row seat. It seems hard to imagine he can honestly believe that? Almost as hard to believe that Mello would come to Toronto?

I am pretty confident in saying if 2 Raptors were not openly talking about it, I am pretty confident we would not be here in the Dino Nation Blog. So how does this happen if we dare to dream? Acutually there is a pretty simplistic trade that would make it happen. Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon for Carmelo Anthony. Obviously Ujiri would have a strong opinion on Andrea good or bad. It would at least in theory allow Denver to save some face in bring back a former 1st overall pick for Anthony. You may say that is insanity and I am not here to tell you it isn't. However think about what teams have got for players in similar circumstances. The answer is not a heck of a lot. The Vince Carter trade, Pau Gasol and others you could mention.

That at least sheds some light on why the Nuggets might consider doing this. At least a logical theory anyways. Why would the Raptors though? Sure Mello is fantastic and would have a huge impact. However does anyone see him staying in Toronto? I mean we do have different laws in this country that might appeal to Mr.Anthony but it just seems odd to imagine he would want to be here long term and not Denver. Not to mention the number of free agent homes he could have a chance to play with the Knicks at the top of that list. So is this just a 1 year rent a player situation? If it is, then seems hard to imagine Raps would trade Bargnani for that. In fact the idea of Bryan trading Bargnani at all seems hard to imagine.

I think most had just given up on Colangelo being able to pull of anything major at this point. However the fact players are talking about this makes you wonder. Were they just talking or do they know something we don't? Amir and Reggie are welcome to provide an answer to that. However if that is not coming you are just left to wonder. If you were told last year that Raptors could trade Bosh , Bargnani and Calderon for Anthony would you have done it? Probably not but that being said Anthony is very talented.

If there is any truth to this at all, and the Raptors do not get Anthony signed to an extension it seems like a desperate move to me. However, would anyone honestly say the Raptors are not somewhat that desperate team? Is Colangelo not that desperate G.M? Is MLSE not desperate to have a team in the post season? Still this seems way to bizarre to ever be true. It sounds like a move a kid makes on his X-Box or PS3 not a trade in the NBA.

the one thing that is for sure if this does happen Raptor Fans will be ANYTHING BUT MELLO!!!


  1. jose and the trade exception for mello..

    sounds good to me!

  2. But does it to Denver? Not so much. I still think this whole concept is pure fantasy at this point. But it is newsworthy so felt obligated to write about it.