The Basketball Minority

To be a basketball fan in Canada in pretty much being a social minority. I feel like demanding for rights and the whole 9 yards. Can you ever in your wildest dreams imagine the Raptors first pre-season game being broadcast on main stream T.V? Even playing Steve Nash isn't going to make that happen. Yet the stupid Leafs play the Sens on the main network on Sportsnet? This is really encouraging that these idiots are back in the basketball biz isn't it? If a Leaf gets a paper cut can we assume that Raptors will be moved to Sportsnet 1? Which I like a bunch of people don't get. Yes it is TSN 2 deja vu all over again. There are a lot of conflicted interests when the people that own the hockey team also own the basketball team.

If we are correct in assuming the Raptors will struggle this year, then it becomes important that you keep your fan based engaged. Well that is hard to do when over half your games are buried on secondary cable networks. While these networks claim they are giving sports fans more. What they actually are doing is creating a class system for sports and allowing the monster that is hockey coverage to grow.

Raptors on all levels will need to build bridges and not burn them this season. No matter how hard they work it is likely that we see a dip in attendance. If the losing happens that is expected there is nothing you can do. Unlike the Leafs, in terms of basketball, the fans will not show if the team isn't winning. Letting the product get buried is not a good idea. People find other things to do these days. It is becoming harder and harder to get people to come out to games. I am not sure that having you product hidden away on obscure channels is the answer. Ask the NHL how that whole VERSUS. thing works for their product in the U.S.

I grow frustrated and tired with the broadcasters of this country. They have no vision or plan other than to expand on the only thing they know that sells which is hockey. It is pretty sad and even more sad is people watch the stuff. It is hard to be a fan of a sport not called hockey in this country.

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