Starting 5- Back To School Edition With Paul Jones

It has become a tradition that when the kids go back to school, we here at the Dino Nation Blog have Paul Jones as a guest. Paul spent time in the education system so it seems to make sense. He hopefully educates us in terms of basketball and the Raptors. We, as we did with Jack Armstrong, take a look back at the off-season for the Raptors. If some of the questions sound the same, they were, and are meant to be as to give you some different points of view. We talk about Demar DeRozan and the chances that are in front of him to grow into a star. Andrea Bargnani and the good and bad of what Chris Bosh leaving will mean for him. Jose Calderon and how he fits in, after being traded and then not traded in terms of his status with the Raptors. All this and a bunch more with Paul, including what this summer means not just for the Raptors but the NBA as a whole. We also debate on International play and it's impact on the NBA.

It is always great having Paul come be a guest with us. He makes it worthwhile and always has some interesting thoughts on basketball. We talked prior to this interview about how much things have changed for basketball fans from when we were younger. Still there is a long way to go for basketball in this country. Paul Jones has always been one of the soldiers on the front lines of the battle to get more basketball coverage here in Canada. It is a battle that we all share as fans of the Raptors and the game of basketball. Hopefully, trips to Vancouver for training camp and Montreal for an exhibition game, are steps in that direction for people from coast to coast who love basketball in Canada. I am grateful to have Paul as a guest as always it has been a great experience getting to know him as I have many of the other people that cover this team.

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