Free Flow Friday

I have a bunch of random thoughts for you on Friday. I guess that just like everyone else a holiday weekend is coming and I don't really feel like taxing my brain or yours. So I will let my mind wander and you can do the same in the comments if you like.

1. What is more depressing the lack of expectations for the Raptors or the fact this time next year we could be talking about a lockout?

2. Form the isn't in ironic files, Chris Bosh says loyalty is a bonus in pro sports, wonder if he feels the same way about marriage as it was announced he plans on marrying his current girlfriend. The same girlfriend that was on Entourage with him.

3. Keeping on the Entourage tip. Who would it be more fun to be for a day? Mark Cuban or Ari Gold. It is a tough call.

4. Canada basketball is my pain and frustration. But just like your family you can't pick where you are born. I am proudly Canadian and will always support the people that choose to represent this country. That being said new coach? YES PLEASE!!!

5. Ti-Cats and Argos again. Enjoy when my hometown can stick it to the Argos. @Lenito on twitter does not as much. If you are not a fan of the CFL give it a shot this weekend. Labour Day weekend is a lot of fun in the CFL.

6. Am I putting far to much pressure on Demar and totally under value Bargnani? Perhaps but I am not convinced the Bargnani can shine in the spotlight. Demar has the swag to go with a work ethic that I think he can be special.

7. Sport Media is going to hell. I mean TSN 2 now Sportsnet 1 it really is becoming a joke how the major sports networks have run out of ideas and resorted to simple cash grabs and the hell with the viewers.

8. Based on #7 will I ever work for TSN or Sportsnet? On my side of things you never say never but if they follow this blog or my Twitter account they are not likely a fan.

9. Myck Kabongo who was in the blog this week really gave me hope for the future in a lot of ways. Young man seems nice and as his head screwed on straight. May that never change for him because it has for a lot of others.

10. Have I ever had less expectations for a Raptor season than this one? Can't think of one. Maybe I have become more jaded over the years. 16 years to be a Raptor fan it's a long time.

That is all I got feel free to react to any of these or leave some comments of your own. It is free flow Friday so let it flow and go. Everyone have a happy holiday weekend and I will be back Tuesday with hopefully a guest. Be safe and take care as you enjoy the end of unofficial end to summer.

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