It All Begins Next Week

Not a ton to say today. The Chat yesterday never came off, I had to work and it totally threw off everything. My apologies. Will get it straight next week. Media Day is on Monday and then it all gets rolling from there for another season.

Jay Triano was on the Fan 590 this morning. Had a few things of note to say. He said he expects the defence to be more aggressive. Gone will be the guarding the house defence that was torched last season. The offense will not be based around any one player. He said it was extra sweet to win with U.S over Turkey in Turkey in terms of Hedo being part of that team. Triano thinks the lack of respect from media for the Raptors will help motivate this team.

I like Jay Triano but the challenge in front of him is a rather large one. I mean if Phil Jackson was going to coach this group of Raptors I am not convinced he could make them a playoff team. Does this give Jay Triano yet another free pass this season? I sure hope not. Eventually you have to be judged on your results. The W-L record of Jay Triano is not a great one. The jury is out on if he can be an effective NBA head coach. He has more then proven himself as an assistant. However sometimes assistant coaches do not make great head coaches. This is an opportunity for Jay to show us what he is made of in terms of being able to re-design the offence and defence and start with a clean slate pretty much.

Canada's women are at the World's by the way and have a 1-1 record with a win and loss to start. Good luck to the ladies they are already ahead of the men's team having won a game. Enjoy your weekend as I will be deep into football for The Score Boise State and Oregon State Saturday and Cowboys and Texans on Sunday.

See you Monday!!!

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  1. The one I hope doesn't get the free pass is Bryan Colangelo