"Jiggly Bits"

So training camp opens in a few weeks and the NBA regular season open a few weeks after that. Training camp is really a time to get the kinks out from a summer off of intense training for some and for others, maybe a chance to catch up and see what teammates have been up to over the break. For Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, he's been working on a special project - the subject of which, is near and dear to my heart. Terry Fox started his "Marathon of Hope", running the equivalent of a marathon a day, when Steve Nash was just six years old. Both Terry Fox and Steve Nash are from Vancouver and Steve Nash remembers vividly waking up each morning to see where Terry was on his route. This is what makes "Into the Wind" so special. This is the title of Nash's documentary about Terry Fox and it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this past Sunday. It was produced by Meathawk, a production company Nash started with his cousin and production partner, Ezra Holland. Don't worry, if you didn't catch it at TIFF, it will be on ESPN on September 28 and most likely picked up by some Canadian network, I hope. I will be doing the Terry Fox Run this year as I do every year and it is always a favourite run of mine. So many of my family members have been affected by cancer and for some, it can be a very scary word. But people are given "death sentences" every day and beat it, so for me I try to live each day as the start of a new adventure not the last day of my last venture. I think Terry would have wanted it that way. It puts everything into perspective.

U.S.A Ends a Drought

As sad as I am to see our Canadian National Team flop at this year's Worlds, I am really happy for Kevin Durant and the rest of Team USA. Durant really carried this team, especially in the 81-64 win over Turkey to take the 2010 World Championship title when he racked up 28 points. They went a perfect 9-0 and won their first World Championship since 1994. I remember watching an interview done with a US network and Kevin Durant part way through the Worlds. Durant had a baseball cap on, a backpack too and was leaning on the kitchen counter with both elbows as if talking into a web cam. It's interviews like these that remind you how young some of these players are and how much they are expected to accomplish. So Durant was named MVP of the Worlds averaging 22.8 points per game, shot 55.6% from the field and made 91.2% of his shots from the foul line. Just amazing. USA Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski I am sure was pleased with how his team fared. He's been the Head Coach of the Duke University men's basketball team for about 30 years and over that time has acquired a taste for championships. I just hope Jay Triano, an Assistant Coach to Team USA, took home some notes of wisdom and applies this winning streak to the Raptors.

Allen Iverson Heading to Retirement?

Very sad if he does. So if you are in the NBA, not as strong as you once were and have issues off the court and no club comes calling for your services, what do you do? Head to China. That is a serious option Allen Iverson is considering. As you know, he played three games for Memphis last season before he came back to the Philadephia 76ers for a second run with this club. He averaged 13.9 points per game before taking a leave of absence to take care of some family issues. Remember Stephon Malbury? He was also not considered worthy by the NBA and played last season for Shanxi Zhongyu of the CBA - Chinese National Basketball Association. So maybe Iverson should give him a call and ask for some advice. Remember, Iverson also hasn't ruled out retirement. With a few weeks left to go before training camp starts, he better make up his mind.

Basketball Beyond the Floor

Maybe a little part of me was giddy Team USA won the Worlds was because the book we are discussing this Thursday was written by Team USA Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski (with Jamie K. Spatola). I am sure The Gold Standard will provide some golden food for thought. Until Thursday, happy reading.

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