Bits and Bites For A Friday

In case you missed it the Raptors announced the signing of Ronald Dupree. If you are one of those dedicated hardcore fans, that name will sound familiar as he was on the Raptors Summer league roster. He is now on the actual roster which stands at 16 as camp is set to open in 10 days. The Raptors will only be able to carry 15 players once the actual season starts so will see if Dupree can actually earn a spot on the roster. There was a lot of talk that Bobby Brown would have got a shot with the Raptors but that was based in Jose Calderon not being a Raptor which he still is.

Obviously signing someone off the summer league roster is not exactly exciting or changes your outlook for the Raptors for this season. In the previews for the upcoming season the projections for the Raptors are truly scary. The lowest number I have seen is 22-60 for the Raptors. That is challenging for the 1st pick in the lottery type stuff. It is epic failure almost to the level of New Jersey Nets like performance.

When you examine the Raptors early schedule it is hard not to see them being below .500 after their first 10 games. They play a lot of good teams early and only soft teams in the first 10 would include the Kings, Knicks and Cavs. So even if they get all 3 of those that is a 3-7 start. They have a 4 game west coast trip in that first ten games that could easily be 0-4 if they do not get a win over the Kings.

It is very hard to be optimistic when you look what lies ahead for the Raptors. I am not convinced yet that they will be the epic type failure like the Nets. That being said they are likely looking like a low 30 wins team and can not see them getting close to the 40 wins of the last season that left them just shy of making the playoffs.

I think it is no secret to anyone that the Raptors to be a playoff team, still would need to make more moves to even be in the hunt. Signing guys from the Summer League roster does do that. It is kind of a strange feeling to be heading into a season with everyone pretty much expecting the worst with a view people holding out hope for the Raptors to surprise.

Normally the start of a Raptors season is something to be excited about. This season, I think it is something that if we all are honest, we fear it. Some how for the people in this organization they need to find a way to believe in where not many outside of it will. the fact there was new buzzing on Twitter that Ed Davis had an MRI is not exactly inspiring. People don't just go have MRI's for the heck of it. Oh well, ready or not the season is coming and it is coming fast.

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday.

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