Camping In A Week

Believe it or not the Raptors will open up camp in a week. After what I would class as an emotional summer, the reality of life without Chris Bosh begins. The Raptors also start with a couple players injured already. Jose Calderon was expected to recover in time for camp after having to skip the World Championships. Has he? Guess will find out shortly. Then the news that Ed Davis the Raptors first pick was spotted at a Toronto hospital getting a MRI. Yeah that isn't good. Knee issues before you have played your first NBA Game? Lovely. After what happened a couple years ago with Nathan Jawai are the Raptors just unlucky or do they need to be more on ball in terms of medicals on new players. Maybe that is just frustration on my part. But it does make you wonder why teams passed on Davis who was pegged to be selected in the top 10.

I can not recall a season that I had such low expectations. The U.S media has the Raptors dead and buried as a favourite to win the Draft Lottery. While I think they are low balling the Raptors slightly, they still are in the right neighbourhood. Raptors without more moves made to this roster will not be a playoff team. In fact even with moves they may not be enough and they would have to be bold ones.

Speaking of moves what about the guy making them? His future is still very much up in the air. Just 1 year left on his deal and no real idea on his future. Does he want to stay? Do the Raptors want him to stay? Do all of you (Not that you get a vote) want Bryan Colangelo to stay? Also if Colangelo future is in doubt that would mean so would Jay Triano's as well you would have to figure. If this Raptors team struggles as most expect, this will be the big topic of conversation. What becomes of Colangelo and Triano? Safe to say that despite his struggles in Toronto that Bryan Colangelo can easily find another job. The job with the New York Knicks could be there for the taking. It is funny how things have changed. When Colangelo first arrived he was like a saviour for this franchise and yet now there are many that would not be sorry to see him go. Reminds me of one of my favourite Jack Armstrong expressions "Peacock Today, Feather Duster Tomorrow". I am not even sure Colangelo can dig himself out of this self made pit. Did he totally miscalculate his ability to bring back Chris Bosh? Was he blown out of the water that he could not get a reasonable sign and trade for him? These are things only Bryan knows. But it is safe to say that based on his actions of the summer he is not exactly sending Bosh a Christmas Card.

Camp will be shifting out to the west coast this season. After a few days in Toronto, Raptors will be Vancouver bound. So that rules the DNB out for camp this year. A drive to Vancouver is slightly longer than one to Ottawa. So like all of you I will be watching from a far for camp. It was a great experience being there last year though. If Raptors did camp in say Montreal, I would love to go again. Safe bet they are not returning here to Hamilton for camp anytime soon. Raptors first ever training camp was right here in Copps Coliseum. I doubt anyone on the Raptors had any idea where Hamilton was at the time.

Lots of questions to be answered at this camp and pre-season. Who is the odd man out as Raptors come in with 16? Starting point guard is? Shooting guard? Small forward? Think we know our 4 and 5 is Amir and Andrea? Unlike in years past I am not sure if anything is set in stone. The days of being able to just place people in the starting 5 are over at least for the short term.

I will just be happy when we can establish a team and not be having constant make overs being done. Remember that old expression about team chemistry? Do people still believe in that anymore? Raptors have had little of that in the Colangelo Era. It may not be the best season on the court but the future of this franchise moving forward is going to be dramatically impacted by the results of this season be they good or bad. At least it should.

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  1. I have a strong feeling that Bryan Colangelo and MLSE will part ways if the team struggles (please Hire Kevin Pritchard to replace him). Maybe a Calderon for Felton trade will happen if BC goes to the Knicks.