Matt Devlin From Vancouver

I had not missed covering training camp till this Sunday. When the Raptors were having their scrimmage and I was covering the NFL for The Score. However, if I can not be at camp, thankfully we at the Dino Nation Blog know a few people that are at camp. One of those is Matt Devlin and he checks in with us from Vancouver. He will be calling the Raptors pre-season opener tonight on TSN as they take on the Suns. We talk about a bunch of things including that game tonight. We also talk about how the Raptors can build on it's fan base outside of Toronto. Along with talk of all the usual suspects you would suspect, mixed in with a little fun as always with Matt Devlin.

Thanks to Matt for his time and make sure you tune in to watch him and Jack Armstrong with the call of Suns and Raptors for TSN.

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