The Erick Dampier Watch

So Erick Dampier was in town and checked out practice at the ACC. It would appear that it is down to Houston and Toronto. Which is basically a choice between a team that has a better outlook to make the playoffs in the Rockets, or the Raptors who offer more playing time and a spot in the starting line-up. Brad Miller and Yao Ming already are in Houston which would make playing time limited at best. On a side note you have to wonder how confident Houston is in Yao being healthy when they signed Brad Miller this summer and now are actively in the hunt for Dampier. While the Raptors have Andrea Bargnani playing out of position at the 5 backed up by Anderson and Alabi with a few others that could play out of position at the 5 in Johnson and Evans.

The main advantage for the Raptors would be should they land Dampier is Andrea Bargnani could play in his natural position at the 4. Bargnani because of Chris Bosh being here has never played at his natural spot other than when Bosh was injured. Dampier would also become one of the better defenders the Raptors have in the post. All of this being said the amount of buzz and attention to this has reached the insanity level. Make no mistake that Erick Dampier is not changing the outlook of this team. If you believe that Raptors have no shot at the playoffs this is not going to change your mind.

The other thing would be who is the guy that would be out should the Raptors sign Dampier. Could be Joey Dorsey that might be the odd man out. There is also my man Reggie Evans and his expiring contract. The Raptors may look to shop him even harder. There is also rumours that the Raptors are still trying to pursue Boris Diaw. The 16 men that are on this roster will be heading to Vancouver to continue training camp.

So obviously if news breaks in the big Erick Dampier watch we will have it for you on the weekend. Or any news of significance for that matter. But if none of that happens will see you Monday. I am not against signing Dampier but the reaction to it is disturbing. People are way over the top on this one. The Raptors will still have had one of their worst off-seasons in history even if they sign Dampier and trade for Diaw too. That is just the cold hard reality of things. Anyone that thinks differently is not looking at this situation logically or objectively.


  1. Id have to disagree!!!

  2. Be great if you explained why. Can't have much of a response to I disagree. Which anyone in more then entitled to do.