DNB Top 10: Over Reactions

It is almost time for another Raptors’ season. Just like every season there are lots of people saying lots of things. Today in the DNB Top 10 we look at the top ten over reactions for the upcoming Raptor season. Some are funny, some are true and some should not be taken seriously. But here we go ready or not.

#10- With the Leafs out of the way the Raptors will take over the city.
#9-  Anything Jose Calderon says will be evaluated and tested to see if he is showing any signs of being angry and upset about losing his job. Duh…of course he is as would anyone be.
#8- Demar DeRozan’s future and how much the Raptors will have to pay him or should they trade him….Relax it is a long season.
#7- Jamal Magloire’s relevance.
#6-  Landry Fields Contract
#5- Landry Fields Girlfriend.
#4- Andrea Bargnani will be an All-Star this year.
#3- Injury issues for Jonas Valanciunas. He hurt his calf….OH NO…BARGNANI ALL OVER AGAIN
#2- In general the expectations for Jonas Valanciunas.
#1 The Raptors will be a playoff team this season.

Everyone is excited but make no mistake the Raptors still need a lot of things to go right for this season to be as good as some people are expecting. Relax and take heart in the fact the Raptors will or at least should be better than they were last year. It is a slow climb back to relevance for the Raptors.

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