Starting 5: Welcomes Ethan Norof From Bleacher Report

I have mentioned a few times here in the Dino Nation Blog, I have recently been doing some work for the Bleacher Report. The guy most responsible for that is our guest today in the DNB. Ethan Norof is the assistant editor for NBA content on the Bleacher Report. I want to try and make use of all the vast number of people the Bleacher Report has covering the NBA. It is a big talent pool and hopefully we can build a relationship with the people there that will expand on the goal we have had this off-season of adding to our audio content here in the DNB. If my conversation with Ethan was a test of this whole idea. I would say it will be a great success. He will be a regular guest over the season and will mostly focus on the NBA at large. It is always important never to lose sight of the league as whole and to step out of the Raptors bubble now and again. Also Raptor fans always seem to enjoy a perspective from on the Raptors from outside of the Toronto and Canadian media on the Raptors. So, Ethan gives us that league wide perspective. Today though we do get into a decent amount of Raptors as well. In addition, we talk about Lakers, OKC, Small Market Teams, Miami Heat, Brooklyn Nets and much more.

Check out more on the NBA Off-Season from Ethan at  The Bleacher Report. I am really happy to have him as guest here.I look forward to working with him here and at the Bleacher Report moving forward. This is hopeful the start of more things to come.

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