Raptors Add Another To Mix Few Weeks From Camp

The Raptors add another player to the roster and it isn't Jamaal Magloire. Dominic McGuire played last season with Golden State Warriors. He is 6 foot 9 and weighs in at 235 pounds. Sounds like a nice fit for the Raptors to have a very large back-up at the wing position at best. McGuire was originally drafted back in 2007 by the Wizards 47th overall. Perhaps what is most interesting in this is the Raptors could enter camp with more than maximum 15 players for the first time in years. This is if they follow through on signing Jamaal Magloire which has yet to be officially announced. This was reported via twitter by Ryan Wolstat from the Toronto Sun via Twitter. Ryan has been a guest here in the Dino Nation Blog on many occasions.

The contract Maglorie is being offered according to that report is non-guarnteed meaning that he would have to out perform a contract player to make the roster. This was the guy that addressed the crowd and promised this team would make the playoffs and there is a chance he may not even make the roster. It joust points out how utter stupid it was for him to be making such a comment.

The McGuire signing might also mean that there is no Jamaal at all. Which if that was the case I would have zero problem with that. Jamaal will still be the answer to the trivia question "Who is the first Canadian to play for the Toronto Raptors?" That alone is enough to make my blood boil. I have said in this blog his role and contribution last season were highly over blown. He was 6 hard fouls and that is about all.

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