What We All Agree On Is Raptors Are Heading In The Right Direction

In taking the pulse of Raptor fans you get a sense of general optimism. The Raptors have lots of things that have made people feel optimistic. As an example here is a really favorable view of Terrance Ross written by Josh Matthews. a lead writer on The Bleacher Report. Want some more examples?  A comparison of the Raptors efforts to rebuild compared to the Pacers and Grizzlies by Joseph Casciaro in Raptorblog. I mentioned recently that fans in response to a poll that I added to an article I wrote that over 70% of them think the Raptors will make the post season. I could give you hundreds of links all stating some level of optimism towards the Raptors.

You may not believe this, but I actually feel excited about the future as well. I just tend to express a much more guarded optimism. I am happy that we have finally made a move towards the end of the Jose Calderon Era for the Raptors. I would think it is more advisable to end things sooner than later as my latest article for the Bleacher Report suggests. All of this said, we all are reading from the same book for the most part. I think we have some general consensus on a number of issues.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone that is not satisfied to overjoyed with the job Dwane Casey has done since taking the job as head coach. Sure, a lot of those people were making the case that Jay Triano should have kept his job as head coach of the Raptors. Still, this is not an article meant to divide it's intented to bring us together a little. I won't call out names of who those folks are, but they know who they are right? I was never one of those, while I can't claim that I was pushing for Casey specifically, I was pushing for change. We got change and for the most part, everyone is happy with it.

Outside of the basketball bubble you might have noticed there is an election going on. The Raptors are not unlike a political party and just like a political party you will have a lot of opinions. It is not for anyone to say who is more right or wrong. It is that we all ultimately share a goal to see the Raptors advance forward. The Raptors are the party we are a part of and even if we don't agree with everyone in the party they are still part of our team.

Keeping with this whole analogy the Raptors are building a platform based on defense, youth, accountability, internal competition and internal improvement. This is a platform that everyone in this party can get behind right?

There are lots of battles in how we get to the goal of being the best team in the NBA. Wait... let's not get ahead of ourselves. Being a playoff team in the Eastern Conference. It doesn't mean were not all rooting for the same thing. It doesn't mean that we are rooting for the other guys. The Raptors success is what we all want at the end of the day.

While we may disagree on the speed in how we get there. In the people who will lead us there. We still all seem to agree that we have seen the bottom of these hard times and are digging ourselves out. That is kind of like the world we live in now, with so much economic unrest and people struggling to recover from some truly tough economic times. We in the basketball sense are doing the same. I think we can ultimately recover and even see some of the brightest days we ever have as supporters of Raptors. I just honestly think it is a longer road to get there than people would like.  

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