DNB Draft Day Blog

This is the big day or the most boring day depending on how it plays out. There has been a lot of speculation being made about the Raptors looking to get into the draft and that all remains to be seen.

As we have done in the past instead of making several posts throughout the day we will just keep updating this post with the latest information as the day goes along.

So check back with us throughout the day and evening for the latest on Raptors and there involvement in the NBA Draft.

In the end the Raptors do nothing and Myck Kabongo goes undrafted. That was the downside of the night. A huge night for fans of the game in Canada though with Anthony Bennett of UNLV going 1st overall to the Cavs to play alongside Tristan Thompson. A historic night for Canada and a typical night for the Raptors. Will sum it all up tomorrow.

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