Lucas III Rumoured to Be Out, Door opens To Welcome Kabongo

Raptors appear to be parting ways with John Lucas III and will not be picking up the option according to Marc Stein of ESPN.
This leaves the door wide open for the Raptors to explore bringing Myck Kabongo on board. Which is also being reported.
The Raptors letting Lucas III go likely opens up the options more in terms of adding Kobongo as third point guard with the potential to grow into something more. This is assuming Kobongo could have an impressive summer league and get signed. If this all turns out to be true it could be the silver lining for Myck Kobongo after what had to be a disappointing draft night. In conversations in this very blog Myck has expressed how much he would love to one day be a part of the Toronto Raptors.

Last night on Twitter there was a lot of support from Raptor fans wanting to see Myck Kobongo come aboard for the Raptors. It might be closer to happening now and for the people that support this young man keep your fingers crossed.

For my full thoughts on draft night check this out from earlier today in the DNB.

Update 1:25 PM

Raptors have confirmed this news about John Lucas III via Twitter:

Still waiting to hear on what this will mean in terms of Kobongo. But the first Domino has clearly fallen.

Update 3:15 PM

that door that opened slammed shut fast and Chris Bosh and Lebron James and Miami Heat are on the other side it would appear:

I am very happy for Myck in the sense for his career this could be a massive opportunity. I am very disappointed that yet again the Raptors have let another talented Canadian slip away.

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