Andrea Bargnani Off To Big Apple... Almost Done

Forget those DeMar DeRozan trade rumours of yesterday that I didn't bother to write about. We may have a buyer for Andrea Bargnani. The story started to break on this lazy Sunday afternoon from a New York Knicks beat reporter.

Raptors fans have always been a bit jaded since the trade that was suppose to send Jose Calderon to the Bobcats fell apart. However this appears to be getting as close to a done deal as it gets.

So all that stands from Masai Ujiri becoming an instant hero to Raptors fans is League Approval and a press release. When you consider how quickly this has come together you have to question if Bryan Colangelo was ever really willing to move Andrea Bargnani. Novak would add a three point shooter the Raptors could use. If Camby returns to the team that drafted him he could be a great mentor for Jonas Valaciunas and as the cherry on top of this unbelievable Sunday a first round pick in 2016 that I would assume will be lottery protected.

Raptors fans your long nightmare that has been Andrea Bargnani may be just hours away from becoming a reality. Truly the best Canada Day gift that one could every hope for. 

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