Starting 5 with Mark Hebscher

It is a pleasure to welcome a new guest aboard for another edition of the Starting 5. Mark Hebscher is a long time member of the sports media for many years in the Southern Ontario market. I had a chance to met Mark in covering the Andrew Wiggins game here in Hamilton. Another interview guest who's roots to know me came via Twitter.

It has produced so many great guests for us in the Dino Nation Blog I have lost count. I thought Mark could offer us a more mainstream point of view on a couple of subjects. First, the Canadian invasion that was suppose to peak next year but decided the come a year sooner in the form of Anthony Bennett. Who if you have not been living under a rock you are aware was the first Canadian to be selected in the NBA Draft. Mark offers a prospective from the general sportscasting sense on where hardcore basketball fans big moments fits in the grand scheme of things. We also get into basketball and it's place in the sports media as a whole.

In addition what to make of the Toronto Raptors and all of the changes at MLSE as relates to the Raptors.

Thanks to Mark for coming on to be a guest. It is always a thrill for me to add people to our guest list. I am working at getting a number of guest lined up in the coming weeks. Also this is our last podcast for the season with our sponsors from at St Louis Wings. I want to really thank Manu for his support of the DNB this season. It has been a great partnership for us. Also the new editions to our staff will be making their way into the blog soon. We already have at Stephen Brotherson aboard doing his weekly NBA column and more additions will be coming shortly.

I have yet to decide if we will be making more staff editions over the off-season but if you some how missed the first wave of people being considered, there is no harm in reaching out and seeing if you can find a place here with us as part of our team.

All of this said, have a very happy and safe Canada Day and remember that it also means the start of the NBA off-season. Will do our best to keep you informed and entertained with what the Raptors our doing or not doing as the case maybe.

One last thing we are now on Stitcher and you can find our podcast on there with the link as well as the player on the right hand side of the blog.

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