Dwane Casey Must Win To Remain With The Raptors

Dwane Casey finds himself in a very difficult situation entering the final year of his new contract. Not unlike the situation Sam Mitchell found himself in when Bryan Colangelo was first hired. Like when Colangelo took over Masai Ujiri is allowing Dwane the chance to play out his contract. Sam Mitchell of course had that dream season for anyone in a contract year. He set a record for wins for the franchise and the team won its lone division title in team history.

In terms of making the playoffs for this season Dwane Casey says “We’re going to find out fairly quickly.”  When you look at the Raptors schedule I think everyone would agree. Not to mention the elephant in the room of a stacked draft class led by Andrew Wiggins.

If we do find out fairly quickly that Raptors do not have what it takes to make the playoffs what does that mean for Dwane Casey? It likely means the end of the road you would have to think. Just like this group that he coaches it is even more vital for his future to win early on.

Casey has no doubt looked and examined the schedule that faces his team in the first two months. It is far from easy and sees some really challenging road trips in December. Under different circumstances the Raptors might be able to weather the storm of a slower start to the season. Given the shake up at the top and the stakes of what being in the NBA Lottery could mean make that not an option this season.

Obviously a 4-19 start like last season would be a death blow for Casey and likely this roster as a whole. But realistically if the Raptors are anywhere below the .500 mark at the end of the calendar year it likely is not good news Casey or this roster sticking together.

It seems hard to think Casey will be able to keep his job if the Raptors decide to unofficially join the Wiggins race in the NBA Lottery. At the end of it all no one is more motivated to win this season than Dwane Casey because you have to figure his job depends on it.

Casey is a good coach and has done a decent job in his time here to this point. However once the people above him change the loyalty commitment and responsibility all lie with the people that hired him that largely are no longer around.

The simple fact is the odds of Dwane Casey coaching Andrew Wiggins as a Raptor are next to nothing. If the Raptors head towards trying to get a solid draft pick and chance to get Wiggins that will surly spell the end for Casey sooner or later.

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