Bargnani Is Back In Town

Pre-season is not just for players, tonight is the pre-season workout for the ACC fans on booing. This is of course the Knicks first visit to the ACC with Andrea Bargnani. Mike Woodson clearly has yet to understand what Toronto already knows. He thinks that Andrea Bargnani can fit his system. He was quoted expressing his love for Bargnani in an article by Marc Berman that is titled Knicks thrilled the Raptors gave up on Bargnani.

Here are some of the highlights of what Woodson had to say in the New York Post article:

Woodson: "I like everything about him,’’ Woodson said. “That was the reason we brought him over. I think he’s just a talented kid who knows how to play. I’ve got to keep his spirits up and pat him when he needs to be patted and ride his [butt] when it needs to be rode."

As someone that has watched Andrea from day one I say to Mike Woodson.....GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!

But there is more Andrea love from Woodson in the article talking about Bargnani being the perfect fit for Woodson's system:

Woodson: "I see a player, I think, fits in [the] scheme of things I do. It’s not about that team anymore. It’s about getting him acclimated to what we’re doing. I think he’ll be just fine."

Woodson also goes on to call Andrea a triple threat on offense. That might be true but that isn't why Toronto got rid of him. It was the other end of the floor where Bargnani as most Raptors fans are fully aware was a train wreck.

Even Carmelo Anthony has allegedly been fooled into thinking Andrea can be a help. No love for Jeremy Lin but love for Andrea Bargnani. That makes sense seeing as Bargnani is not likely to want to steal any of Carmelo's spotlight in New York.

Bargnani scored 12 points in his debut for Knicks in the pre-season against the Celtics.

It seems clear the Knicks goal is to try and rebuild Andrea Bargnani confidence that was completely shattered after seven years here in Toronto. I suppose it is not impossible for Bargnani to get off to a decent start with Knicks with this tactic. However, once adversity hits I think Toronto fans understand what will happen after that.

Andrea Bargnani has many faults but at the top of list is really his lack of ability to deal with adversity. He does not have a burning desire to fight through adversity.

But perhaps the best thing of all came to us from Amir Johnson. He was asked if he thought fans would boo Andrea Bargnani? At first he responded with he doesn't know than when pressed jokingly about it he admitted that he does in fact know.

Raptor fans have been criticized for booing former stars in the past. In the case of Andrea Bargnani I think booing will help throw him off his game. It clearly did as a Raptor and I think it will work as an opponent.

Aside from all the Bargnani talk the Raptors still need to figure out how to play D and make some three point shots as a group. They have struggled at both through two games of the pre-season.

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