Starting 5 Season Preview with Jack Armstrong

A new season is here and I can't think of a better person to preview it for us in the Dino Nation Blog than Jack Armstrong. Jack and myself have are usual 20 minute interview that turns to double that. We cover everything from playoffs to hunting for Wiggins. Great stuff on many of the key players that will make up the core of this team for as long as they are competitive. So have a listen Jack never disappoints.

Thanks to Jack as always who has been a joy to work with for many years now for me. By the amount of people that come listen to these interviews I know it is not just me who enjoys when Jack pays the DNB a visit. Enjoy the game and the season ahead no matter what your rooting for Playoffs or Wiggins in the end we all want a better Raptors basketball team at the end of the day.


  1. I love how Jack says how "Ball" has made his career, and he should thank it. I guess Jack took Hedo's remark to heart. Thanks again for giving us Jack's insights looking ahead in a longer, extended interview.

  2. Interviewing Jack is my pleasure. He is the easiest person I have every had on here as a guest. The time is just funny now the goal believe it or not every time Jack is on is to talk for twenty minutes and it often now extends to double that.