Raptors vs Celtics: Take Two In Toronto

Take two goes down with Celtics at the ACC tonight. In the Raptors Pre-Season opener they beat the Celtics in Boston. Raptors already have played a pair with the T-Wolves in which the Raptors lost in Toronto and won their last outing in Minnesota. In the first match-up with the Celtics, the Raptors dominated on the glass winning by 20. This made up for all the turnovers they committed.

This is the Raptors only game of the week which should allow guys to go all out. Well as all out as anyone actually goes in the pre-season. The Raptors have reached the halfway point of their pre-season schedule at 3-1 but that said there have been a lot of concerns.

The Raptors focus going into camp has been defense and they have shown little evidence of that in the pre-season games we have seen. It really needs to be better if the Raptors are going to be able to have success in their early schedule.

The fact the Raptors open against the Celtics it is safe to assume both sides are holding back some things from their opening night opponent.

As far as battles go for the Raptors in camp there really are not many. The one seems to be for who will be the back-up point guard between Dwight Buycks and D.J Augustin. To be honest neither has really stood out at this point. Casey in post game comments seems to suggest that the role of back-up point guard could be situational.

The other battle is if the Raptors will add someone in the fifteenth roster spot. We have seen little of the three guys battling for this one spot. Based on the comments we hear coming from Dwane Casey it seems like Julyan Stone has the inside track. It makes sense based on a couple things. The Raptors were prepared to sign him before some red flags with some health concerns. In addition Casey seems to like that ability that Stone has to guard three different positions.

At this point of the Pre-Season you realize that as much as we try to get something out these games it can be hard at times. We are just two weeks away from the games that matter and I would suspect we might start seeing less of the starters as we get closer to the games that matter.

It will be a chance for Canadian basketball fans to get a look at Kelly Olynck. He was a lottery pick for the Celtics and really should have a chance to shine in what is clearly a rebuilding/tanking year for Celtics.

There are only four more of these to get through thankfully.

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