Raptors Get A Heat Check Early In The Season

So, the Raptors chances tonight likely are as good as snowball’s chance in July of not melting. True the Heat have not exactly been on fire to start the season but did seem to right the ship somewhat with a ten point win over the Wizards. The Raptors have not beaten the Heat since Chris Bosh left to take his talents to Miami. Not to say that Bosh has been a big factor in that in most games. Lebron James has clearly distanced himself further from both Bosh and Wade over their time together in Miami.

In past games I have mentioned the Raptors ball movement or lack of it having a huge impact. It is important for all teams even the best team in the NBA. Chris Bosh was preaching about the value of ball movement in the Heat’s last win over the Wizards on Sunday as stated in this quote in Miami Herald’s Heat Check Blog:

Bosh: “It is everything for us, we want to make the game easier for everybody and moving the ball is how we play together and how we take advantage of all the talent we have. A lot of guys made sacrifices to be here and it only works if we play together."

We all shed a tear for the sacrifices the Miami Heat have had to make I know. So, it comes down to ball movement tonight? Well not exactly I would also say that transition defence will be vital in this one. Both teams seem to want to run and get out in transition and obviously Miami is much better at it.

How the Raptors guard Lebron James and are able to defend the other 4 people on the floor should be interesting. Mario Chalmers should get a lot of looks from three point land you would have to figure. Chris Bosh will of course be treated with the jeers that we have come to expect. Will that inspire him to have a big night? There and many other questions to be answered tonight. The answer to who will win seems fairly clear that it will be the Heat.

I will be able to sit back and watch this one as Will Fifer makes his return to our writing team with the recap of this one.

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