Raptors Try To Avoid Their Less Than Stellar History In Charlotte

On paper the Raptors starting five is far superior to the Charlotte Bobcats. It has been the case in many years in the past as well. Since Charlotte returned to the NBA they have been a thorn in the Raptors side. The Raptors have a losing record playing in Charlotte going 7-9 against a team that has been terrible over the years.

The Bobcats are coming in off big win in New York knocking off the Knicks with a big performance from Kemba Walker. He finished the night with 25 points 6 assists and 5 rebounds in the 102-97 victory. Walker was banged up in the game as he was in a collision and banged up his shoulder. He had X-Rays but they were negative and he returned to the game. It will be something to look out for tonight if Walker is feeling the effects of that a day later.

While the Cats were upsetting the Knicks the Raptors were trying for their own upset over the Heat. While the Raptors gave a game effort through the first three quarters of the game eventually the cream would rise to the top. It seemed like a lost cause in fourth and despite the Raptors not rolling over and dying it might have been wiser to live and fight another day with being on the back to back.

The Bobcats have a win over the Cavs as well as the Knicks and have the same record as the Raptors at 2-2.

Raptors have a clear advantage with Gay and DeRozan matched up with Henderson and Kidd-Gilchrist. In fact you could argue the Raptors have advantages at all five positions which is a rare event for them on any night. That likely wouldn’t be if Al Jefferson was playing he has yet to be ruled out of this one as he is suffering from an ankle injury.

This is one the Raptors can’t afford to give away. Yet history suggests it is far from a lock that they will.

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