Raptors Had An Effort Without Execution In Houston.

Last night the Raptors game against the Rockets was going to script until about the 8 minutes in fourth with Raptors down 14.The Raptors made a push and actually got this game to overtime. The Raptors in general had a lousy night shooting but were able to make some shots when it mattered. The effort of the Raptors was great in this game.

To use a mixed martial arts analogy the Raptors were always fighting from the bottom. This would continue into the overtimes as the Raptors kept trying to scramble and steal a win. Rudy Gay was a big reason why the Raptors were able to hang around with clutch plays late. Scoring 29 points is great but when you have 37 shots to get that amount of points that is where it becomes a problem. But if not Gay taking the shots who was going to last night? The only Raptors' player that shot over 50% last night was Terrence Ross. The Starters shot a combined 31- 97(31.9%)  DeRozan was in the same boat with 22 points on 25 shots in 52 minutes and 53 seconds of action.

What was even worse with 10 extra minutes the Raptors had a total 10 assists. When you look at the stats of this game it makes almost no sense the Raptors could take this game as far as they did. They also faced losing players to fouls as this game dragged on. First Jonas was gone before this game ever got to overtime. Lowry, Gay and Ross would all get 6 fouls as the double overtime battle rolled along.

In the end the Raptors did do a decent job on D when it mattered to keep them in this game. Lin and Harden still were able to put up numbers and Howard did his thing on the glass and boards. When things come down to it Houston was the better team and cream finally came to the surface. Rockets took this one in double overtime 110-104.

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