Raptors Give The Jazz More Blues

The Raptors started last night on 10-2 run and let things slip allowing the Jazz to close to 14-12 which prompted a time out. After that point this game was a one sided smack down  in favour of the Raptors. But the end of that first quarter the Raptors led 30-16 and never looked back from there.

It wouldn’t be the Raptors with just all sunshine and rainbows though as Kyle Lowry turned his right ankle and did not play in the second half. Casey ran with Dwight Buycks for the majority of minutes with Lowry out of the fold in the second half.

Tyler Hansbrough led the scoring list with 23 points for the Raptors in this one. Despite the blowout 115-91 win the Raptors really never had any monster lines to help your fantasy squad. After the loss of Lowry if you had any hope of seeing a starter in the fourth quarter of this game it went away.

This was a win that you can almost credit back to loss against the Bobcats on Wednesday. It seemed pretty clear the Raptors learned something from that game with how they started this game and responded when the Jazz  tried to make it competitive.

Raptors shot 48.8% from the field and had everyone adding to the three point total going 10-25 for 40% from long range. Raptors when they were still playing the best player they had to offer was very good holding the Jazz to just 36 points in the first half and shooting just over 41%.

The biggest thing coming out of the game is the health of Lowry and if he will be able to go playing against his two former teams in the Rockets and Grizzlies. If he is out an already tough night for the Raptors becomes a pretty much next to impossible task.

But according to Dwane Casey had Lowry had to play he could have which is a positive sign for the Raptors. Even if that is the case a banged up Lowry with something to prove might be cause for concern in hurting himself further.

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