Raptors Halloween Costumes

I thought for Halloween I would put on my thinking cap and come up with Costumes for various people on the Raptors and connected to the Raptors. So lets start with an obvious one. Amir Johnson already did a video for his costume awhile ago.

Let's stick with music for the other Young Onez. Sonny and Demar can go old school and be Kid and Play.

Now for my man Reggie Evans will go Old School WWE and Bad News Brown seems to be a good one for Reggie.

Were not just doing players how about Raptor Broadcaster Jack Armstrong going out for Halloween as Playboy's Hugh Hefner:

Stick with Broadcasting and Paul Jones and Eric Smith. It has to be two characters that go together. This one is kind of lame but what the heck Bert and Ernie are always together so let's go with that.

Kat will represent her Dance Pak. Now I thought about going lame and obvious with Catwoman. But anyone that knows Kat, she is far to nice to be that. So let's stick with Batman theme but go BatGirl.

Jarret Jack I thought of this one, and is kind of odd one, but the guy from Clueless Murry. Check it out kinda close?

Leandro Barbosa can be the Flash because Dwyane Wade no longer wants to be him:

Jose Calderon can be Diego from Dora.

Heard this one a few times that David Andersen looks like Canadian Comic Tom Green so let's go with that:

that is all the ones I could think of. If you have some ideas and they are family friendly feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments. Have a Happy Halloween and be careful of the Kids tonight and if you are going to an Adult party make sure you act like one and don't drink and drive.

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  1. @ReeZen on TwitterOctober 31, 2010 at 1:37 PM

    Reggie Evans = Kimbo Slice
    Marcus Banks = Carlton