DNB Playoff Picks

I won't get into the why and how it will happen. Just want to get on the record with some playoff picks. So if you ready let's go:

Eastern Conference

Bulls vs Sixers: Give me the Bulls in 5 games

Miami vs Knicks: Old School Rivals Heat in 6

Pacers vs Magic: D-12 M I A = Pacers in 4

Boston vs Atlanta: Rondo We Trust: Celtics in 7

Western Conference

Spur vs Utah: This Year Spurs Move On: Spurs in 5

OKC vs Dallas: OKC K.O's Former Champs: OKC in 5

L.A Lakers vs Denver: Kobe Loves Denver Right? : Lakers in Denver In 6

L.A Clippers vs Memphis: Grizz the loudest Sleeper EVER: Memphis in 6

 So there it is I am on the record for round one. I still feel as I did at the start of the season were heading to a OKC vs Miami Finals. If that happens it should be very fun. 

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