The Search For #TEAMDNB Begins

You may have noticed in this blog that this season I have been more testy than usual. Maybe you haven't noticed. In any case this season has made it VERY clear to me that for the Dino Nation Blog to become ultimately what I would like it to be, it can not be done by just myself ideally. My main goal this off-season is to build a team to take the DNB to the next level. A lot of things that I have wanted to do, I just have not been able to do based on just being one person. Thus begins this search to build a team that will be able to help me make the Dino Nation Blog more what I want it to be. I want the DNB to evolve and grow and provide a product that you the loyal readers of it can be proud of.

Before I get to what I am looking for and what people who would be interested need to do I want to first explain what exactly the goal is and how this will impact on the Dino Nation Blog. First of all I still will be in charge of everything and will demand that people follow the guidelines that I have established here for almost 5 years. The Dino Nation Blog has been successful based on these things. I want our content to remain similar in which it is something that appeals to all fans. I don't care if you became a basketball fan last week or have been all of your life. The idea in the DNB has always been to speak to fans of all levels of interest and respect all of you. That will always be the case. What adding a staff hopefully will do is allow me to shift my focus on creating more audio and video content. I still will write as well but perhaps not as much as I have in the past once this team is assembled. I still will be guiding the ship and allowing new voices to do their thing but doing it in the way you have become accustom to in the DNB. Which is providing you information and entertainment with a focus on the Toronto Raptors and still keeping an eye on the NBA as a whole and Canadians in both the NBA and NCAA when it makes sense to do so. Along with having a sense of humour and doing content that is made to give you a laugh and a smile as well.

Now on to what and who I am looking for. There is a big list and I don't know if I find all of these things or not but will see how we do.

Staff Writers- This would include doing game re-caps, regular features and creating your own written content and ideas for new written segments. You need to be a decent to good writer obviously. It is vital that you are able to write in a conversational style that has been a big part of how the DNB is written. Our goal is to make our readers feel like you are talking to them as if they were standing next to you.

Camera Person/Editor- I do have a television background and can work with you. I do require someone with their own equipment and someone that I can work with and is willing to follow the direction I lay out with your input being taken into account. This will involve shooting segments and could lead to covering some Raptor Games working with me, at when I deem it to be, and if we can acquire access for you for games.

Web Designer/Webmaster- I admit in terms of the site design I have always keep it pretty basic because I have little knowledge of webdesign to create a quality website. It would be nice to find someone that can give the DNB Webiste a facelift. In addition, be able to teach myself and staff how to keep it functional and running. 

DNB Community Manager- For this position in all honesty you just need to be a fan of what we do here. You will be responsible for helping promote and spread the Dino Nation Blog to grow our audience. This might be done in a number of ways. Some that I will come up with and some that hopefully you come up with. You would also be welcome to write and take part in all aspects on the DNB.

Co-Host(s) for Audio and Video Projects- This could come from the writing staff or be someone else entirely. You would be working with me on some of the audio and video projects we will be developing. So obviously the first and foremost requirement for this job is being able to get along with me and work with me. I am not concerned if you have experience or not in terms of broadcasting. I am concerned with if you are passionate about the Raptors and basketball and have the ability to let that shine through in audio and or video formats. 

Obviously these will not be paid positions but you will be expected to treat this like a job. I did this blog for an entire year before I ever earned a single dime from it. I still treated it as it was my job and it has led to being able to earn a little bit and gain a wealth of experience. That is what we are offering you here a chance to work for an established site that has an established audience and giving you that platform. Sure you could start your own blog, but it would take a long time to match the level of success this blog has already achieved. That is not to be arrogant about it, that is to say it has been 5 years of my blood sweat and tears that has made it that way. Here is what I require from people interested in joining Team DNB.

  • Days and times you are available to work both in the off-season and in-season. It is not like we will have shifts for working or anything like that, but if you put down a day and time that you are able to work please make sure that you are. 
  • If you have experience please make me aware of what it is if I am not already aware of it. This along with the position or positions you feel you are interested in or qualify for. 
  • Pitch me any ideas you have to add to the Dino Nation Blog be it in written, audio or video or any combination of the three. Present the idea in writing. 
  • If you have a sample of work you have written and I am unaware of your work please supply something. This would obvious only be required for job descriptions that require writing. 
FOR ALL POSITIONS a short paragraph for all positions on why you should be selected, what makes you fit what we do here in the Dino Nation Blog and above all what type of a person you are and what you would add to our team.

I am in no rush to fill any of these positions. If it takes a week or till the start of next season it really doesn't matter to me. What does matter is finding the right people to make this whole thing work. I am willing to take the time to ensure that. Anyone that is interested I will conduct an interview with be it online or on the phone. For now we will stick with E-Mail.

So all interested applicants should provide the info above as well as your contact information and will go from there. I know in the past people have approached me about working for the DNB and I have not followed up or followed through in looking to add them. Please, if you have shown interest in the past do not let that stop you from showing interest now. I have just reached a point where I feel it is necessary to add a staff for the Dino Nation Blog to grow to where I want it to be. I would welcome anyone that I deem qualified to help in that process. Even the few staff we have had for brief periods are welcome to come back if they are interested.

I am committed to build a fantastic environment for everyone and have big expectations for this to help grow the Dino Nation Blog to another level. So please contact me at DinoBlogger@Gmail.com. I will start getting back to people sometime next week once we have wrapped up the Raptors season. I hope to have a great team in place to make the 2012-13 Raptors Season the best one yet for the DNB regardless of if the Raptors are good, bad or indifferent. While there is no set deadline to apply or to add someone to our team, the sooner you show an interest the better it is to start the process and in addition shows me your true interest in wanting to be part of the team.

Sorry for the length of this but I felt it was required to give you a full insight into what I am looking to do. As part of the staff while we can not offer you a pay check we can offer you chances to be part of our great promotions and any other perks that come our way. You will be part of the DNB Team for all of it. I look forward to starting this process and finding people that will add to what I have worked so hard to build.

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