James Johnson MIA Because of an Internal Matter?

You might have noticed James Johnson has not seen the floor in the last two games. Dwane Casey says there is nothing wrong with Johnson. He apparently is being disciplined for some incident between him and Casey. Although no one is talking about what caused this. Here is what Johnson had to say to Reporters post game.

Will have thoughts on the game itself tomorrow as the Raptors winning streak came crashing to an end in the 4th quarter at the ACC. As for Johnson's status going forward Casey said he would be available for the Raptors next game in OKC. That doesn't mean he will be back though because according to Casey he was available tonight he just decided not to use him. If I were to have picked a guy to butt heads with Casey on the roster Johnson would not rank high on my list of suspects. It seems that this matter is staying in house as both Casey and Johnson have nothing to say on what caused this punishment. Although Casey says James Johnson is not in his dog house. If he isn't than he at the very least sleeping on the couch or bench for a few nights.

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