We Should Have Seen This Coming

The Toronto Raptors no matter what era of this team we are talking some things seem to remain the same. It always seems at certain times when there is a general consensus that Raptors will win or lose a game more often than not the opposite will happen. If you took a poll of fans on last night's game prior to it you would have got a positive response on the Raptors winning their 4th in a row against the Cavs. After all the Raptors were 3-0 vs Cleveland this year and through 3 quarters It looked like everyone would be right.

Atwan Jamison who was a Raptor for all of 10 minutes till Vince Carter was traded for. He went off in the 4th quarter and took this game over. He along with some guy named Lester Hudson who was one of many players you likely need to google search to know who the hell they are? Being honest about this game it was hard to watch through a lot of it. I joked to a few people it was a cross between Vegas Summer League and the D-League All-Star Game. That might be mean and unfair but it just had no flow to it.

In the end if you allow a team to score 33 points in the 4th Quarter you are likely not going to win many games. This game also pointed out how we likely take for granted what Jose Calderon can do on the offensive send of the floor. His eye looked pretty messed up and I would be surprised if we see him in the next couple games. I still have some questions about Andrea Bargnani going forward. He just has not matched his overall performance from early in season prior to his injury. We had many questions about Demar DeRozan early in the season but he seems to be answering them all of later with another fine night of work in this one. In the end Cavs take it 84-80.

Up next is a meeting with an OKC team that has lost 3 straight a season high for them. Kevin Durant dropped 44 I believe it was last night. However no matter what watching the Thunder is entertaining. Hence why I made this the game for our Party at St Louis Wings on Sunday. Tip Time is 7pm and were at the Bay St location at the Atrium. So come party with us after the Easter Bunny has rolled through.

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