Raptors Scrappy To Very End

So the Raptors were in Indiana to face the Pacers who they made a deadline deal with for them to acquire the Leandro Barbosa. This was the first time the two teams would hook up early. Andrea Bargnani would sit this one out after leaving the game vs OKC with problems once again with his calf. James Johnson is still not back in the starting line-up. Like what exactly did this guy do that was so bad? Still no one is talking. I went old school and took hand written notes. Will see if I can read my own writing and scribbles.

1st Quarter Notes:

Roy Hibbert had a block and was challenging shots causing issues early.
Pacers got off to a 6-2 lead
Alan Anderson hits a three to give the Raptors first lead of the night at 9-8
Both teams were finding it a challenge to score.
Raptors make a few turnover leading to a 9-0 Pacers run to give them a 15-10 lead
Gary Forbes finally makes a bucket to break a 5 min stretch where the Raptors failed to register a FG.

Pacers lead 21-16 after 1

2nd Quarter Notes:

Raptors start the quarter playing zone and Pacers make them pay with a corner three set up by Barbosa.
A.J Price would make another three and Raps were in a double digit whole quickly.
Pacers had an 8-0 run
Ed Davis traveled to which Casey reacted with an F-Bomb if my lip reading skills are up to snuff.
James Johnson with a nice block and he would score on the other end to break this run.
This was a Quarter that Pacers had control of from start to finish.

Pacers lead  51-37 at the Half.

3rd Quarter:

This was the Alan Anderson Show. He had a huge quarter and basically signed his last 10 day contract by doing so
Raptors fought hard the entire quarter but so did the Pacers.
Jaamal Magloire got a stupid tech trying to punk someone. Brilliant.
Raptors several time would get Pacer lead to single digits.
In the end of 3rd Raptors gave up a 6-0 run to make lead 15 after 3

Pacers lead 77-62

4th Quarter:

This was a great effort by the Raptors lead by Linas Klezia He lead the Raps with 18 in limited minutes
Raptors would close to within 2 only to see the Pacers pull away and Barbosa hit a dagger 3.
Still the Raptors refused to go away and did get in to down 3 very late but fell asleep on D and gave up an east transition hoop and that ended any lingering doubt.

Pacers win 103-98

Final thoughts: Alan Anderson likely earned himself some money and look from someone next season. Demar DeRozan after scoring early faded into the background in this one. Ed Davis has a good game in a losing effort. This has become a growing trend. Pacers were made to sweat at the end of this game but had it under control through out. Just 8 more games left and it will be interesting to see how the Raptors approach it. Casey is not likely going to change his approach. He was furious over a call down the stretch in this one like the Raptors were in a playoff race. I love that passion but for his own health there will be other days for those fights. In the end it was another game like a lot of others this season. The Raptors compete level was very high and their result level was not so much.

A note for tomorrow. It is highly unlikely I am going to have a chance to do a preview of the Raptors and Sixers which I will be covering tomorrow at the ACC. I am planning on going to the Jays game before so I will be out of here heading for Toronto pretty early. Well early by my standards. So there may not be a blog till Thursday. I will be on Twitter all day @dinonationblog though with updates on Raps and maybe some Jays.  

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