DNB Top 10- NBA Olympics

I am much like the NBA players at the Olympics, I get more interested in all the other sports. I mean honestly the U.S is winning the Gold in both Men's and Women's Basketball and there is not much doubt about that. So instead of talking about that thought it be fun to find some other events for NBA Players to take part in. This should be fun right?

#10 James Johnson (Judo)- The former Raptors already knows karate but that is not an Olympic sport. He is also known to train in mixed martial arts so perhaps he could master the art of Judo? Sure why not.

#9 Russell Westbrook (100 meter dash)- He is in my view the quickest guy in the NBA. In the past that title would go to guys like T.J Ford and Allen Iverson. So he should have a shot to lose to Bolt like the rest of the World.

#8 Reggie Evans (Wrestling)- Reggie is a beast and why not have him wrestle. I dare anyone to try and take this guy to his back.

#7 Steve Nash (Soccer)- He could do it. He said he would not play for Canada again in basketball he never said anything about Soccer right? Seeing as the men never made the Olympics in Soccer as well as Basketball they could have used him.

#6 Serge Ibaka (Beach Volleyball)- I think this works one of the better blockers in the league he could get it done at the net. Spike the ball in people's faces.

#5 Chris Bosh (Gymnastics)- Ok this doesn't make a lot of sense for a guy 6 foot 10 does it. But the thing is there is a lot of crying I have noticed in Gymnastics and that makes it a perfect fit for Bosh.

#4  Manu Ginobli (Diving)- He dives all the time in the NBA. Why not do it in the Olympics. We could have went with a lot of guys for this event honestly.

#3 Kobe Bryant (Decathlon)- Sure Kobe is getting up there in years but if he just uses the Kobe System how can he lose?

#2 Lebron James (High Jump)- You could likely have Lebron compete in many events but he can get up in the air and fly so why not take those skills and jump over a bar. We thought about Blake Griffin but he can only jump over cars not bars.

#1 Kris Humphries (Swimming)- You may have heard this old story resurface during the Olympics. Humphries as a 10 year old held national records in the U.S and actually beat Micheal Phelps. So he could have won like 22 medals and avoided having to marry a tramp to become famous. Instead he gets a nice big fat contract from Brooklyn as hopeful fodder for a Dwight Howard trade in January. Regardless Hump always gets paid.

So that is our list if you have some other suggestions be they funny or serious feel free to leave them in comments.


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