Starting 5 Catches Up With Myck Kabongo.

It has been awhile since we have had the chance to catch up with Myck Kabongo. He was just one of a large group of talented people that were part of the workouts for Canada Basketball this weekend in Toronto. He shared the floor with Tristan Thompson, Cory Joesph, Andrew Nicholson, and a list of perhaps the greatest amount of Canadian basketball talent ever assembled in one place at one time for Canada. When you factor in Steve Nash being in the building that might push it to an even higher level. Nash was working out on the Raptors practice court, maybe not in the way Raptors fans would have liked, but in helping take a hands on approach to his job as G.M of Canada Basketball. We got the inside scoop on how this camp was going  and how life in general is going for Myck Kabongo. He had his first year at Texas and learned a lot from it and seems to have been working hard towards his 2nd season with the Longhorns. We talk a lot more about Canada Basketball in this however and this whole idea of this great generation of players Canada has that Myck feels blessed to be a part of. He is a great blend of confidence and humility with a real fun nature about him. He even offers his services to join #TeamDNB as part of our staff.. He has an open invitation to do whatever he likes in the Dino Nation Blog. We are always thrilled to have him as a guest or for whatever. That said, Myck says he is completely focused on his work as student and an athlete for Texas Longhorns. No more rap music or anything else it is business of basketball and his Texas team first. He has been working out hard down in Austin getting ready for that. He also is very committed to being a part of what Canada Basketball is trying to build and dreams of being a part of a team in Rio that could really put basketball on the map in this country for casual fans of sports here in Canada.

I wrote last week how truly excited I was for the future of Canada Basketball. Part of that excitement is just my pride as a Canadian. Another part of it is having got to know some of these young guys like Myck. I first got to know him after watching him play in the junior program for Canada basketball. I would later meet Cory Joesph and Tristan Thompson. Both were similar type people to Myck. They all share a confidence in themselves but a true humility to them as well. They are all guys that you can feel good for and proud to support. This is a first step in hopefully all of Canada getting behind basketball like they never have before. It is the dream that we all as basketball fans can share in. What happened this weekend in Toronto was a big first step for Steve Nash and the Canada Basketball program.

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