Starting 5 with Josh Lewenberg From TSN 1050

Yesterday marked a month before the first NBA camp opens. It has been an eventful summer for the Toronto Raptors. Last time Josh joined us was on the night Steve Nash said yes to L.A and No to Toronto. A lot has happened since that night and Josh who is the beat report for TSN Radio 1050 joins me to talk about what to expect from the Raptors. The conversation begins with me referencing a poll from my article on the Bleacher Report which talks about the Raptors off-season since Nash said no thanks. It might surprise you how optimistic Raptor fans remain despite the fact Nash decided to go to Hollywood instead of taking up residence at the ACC. It was surprising to me given all the improvements we have see with fellow Atlantic Division foes. Our guest Josh though almost nailed the percentage of Raptor fans that expect the Raptors to make the most season. This was a really fun conversation.

Thanks to Josh for dropping by. Also on behalf of myself and the rest of the staff I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to Jerrica who is one of our two community managers. She will also be doing a lot of interacting with all of you folks this season. You will enjoy her as much as we do. So have a great birthday and enjoy seeing your guy Ed Davis at the CNE tomorrow. All of you can go check out Ed at Ex as well but if you end up in line behind Jerrica expect a long wait. Anyway that is all and once again thanks to Josh who has been a fun newer addition to our line up of great guests we call on here at Dino Nation Blog.

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