#TeamDNB Take 2.

It has been a few months since we added some folks to the mix. It has gone pretty well. I am happy with having people to work with in helping make the DNB better. I think some of the things Josh and Candice have done writing wise have been great. We had one of the best months the blog has had this past July. Also Jerrica and Jevon will be doing more during the season to help promote, interact and hopeful grow our numbers.  I think we could still add some things to the mix based on what I have learned from the past few months. So here are some of things I am looking for:

Writing Staff (General) - This would just be someone that would fill in the gaps and contribute where and when required. You would be doing a little of everything. Game Previews, Recaps or basically anything that is required. You would need to be at minimum contribute at least one day a week to the blog. But the more you are available the better it is for us and you.

Writing Staff (NCAA) - This may come from the writing staff we have or it could be someone that wants to take on this challenge on their own. Basically you would be responsible for covering NCAA Basketball and giving are readers info on players in the college ranks. Also do things like Mock Drafts and anything else you care to bring to the table. Also focusing on Canadian talent in the NCAA as well.

Writing Staff (Fantasy Guru) - Again this could come from the general staff or be an individual person. Your job is to act as the DNB's Fantasy expert and produce a weekly column with the focus on Fantasy Basketball. You would be required to evaluate trades from a fantasy perspective, give tips on players to watch and help our readers out with their fantasy concerns. This will require someone that is very interactive and engages our readers to interact with them.

Web Designer: Yes I know our site is pretty basic. If there is a web designer out there that wants a chance to give us a new look and get all the credit for that I would love to talk with you. You would need to create a new design for our site and make sure myself and staff know how to keep it running. Also be able to work with me on a design that I will ultimately approve.

Camera Person: Someone that has their own equipment and can work with us in creating and shooting video features for the blog. If you also have editing skills that would be a huge bonus. The ideal candidate must be very responsible/reliable and able to work well with myself and other staff members involved in video productions.

ALL OF THESE POSITIONS are on a volunteer basis. However you are expected to treat it as you would A JOB. This just means that you act in a professional way, if their are deadlines for things you honour them, if you commit to doing something you are reliable and you treat the rest of the staff and our readers with nothing but complete professionalism.

I take what is done in the DNB very seriously and while I try to make it a fun and good place to be a part of I still demand that everyone be accountable. So if you think you would be interested in any of these positions or think you can add something else you feel we could use feel free to contact me and we can explore if you are a good fit to join us as part of TEAM DNB. Feel free to email me @ Dinoblogger@Gmail.com and I will get back to you ASAP.

Our goal this year with the DNB is to make it better than ever as we get set to mark our 5th year of operation. To be more interactive with our readers and to provide more content and expand on what we do. It is my hope to make this the best year in the history of DNB and that can not be done alone. It will take adding some dedicated and professional people to our staff and the support of all our great readers to push us to a new level.

Ideally we would like to have these new staff positions filled by the end of September but the sooner you are able to come on board the better it will be for us to develop you and get you ready to be a part of our team. Last time we did this we had a good response. Not everyone was taken to be a part of our team but I appreciated everyone that felt they wanted to be a part of what I have built here. 

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