Some News And Notes

First of all if you were planning a trip to Memphis for the Raptors pre-season game vs the Grizzlies change your plans quick. Yeah no one probably was were they? None the less the Raptors will now head to the land of Elvis on Friday October 26th instead of the originally scheduled Monday October 15th. The only real impact will be the Raptors will now conclude the pre-season on the 26th instead of the 22nd. My guess would be the Raptors rest all the starters for this contest in Memphis now as it will be a little closer to the start of the season now. At the very least they will play very limited minutes.

I have some news as well. Over this off-season I have had a few offers to share my talents elsewhere. I finally decided to take one of them. I am writing some articles for The Bleacher Report. I even already have a profile and posted my first piece on life after Steve Nash for the Raptors. This will have NO IMPACT on all of the stuff that is being planed for the DNB. That was a vital point in me doing this. The only thing it will mean is a little more work for me. I would love it if you would take you love for the Dino Nation Blog for my work over there as well obviously. I am hopefully it can help build our audience here and be a step forward on  my own career path. Will see how it goes.

Tonight I make my regular appearance on the airwaves in Montreal. Talking NBA, Raptors and maybe life who knows. But from the feedback I get everyone seems to enjoy my appearances on The Sports Grind. You can listen to the show online from 10pm-12am EST. I usually appear near the end of the show at 11:35 or so. Sometimes that changes and if it does I usually will tweet it for folks. So if you have never checked it out and happen to be up feel free to give it a listen.

It has been a busy couple of days with interviewing some folks for #TeamDNB, accepting this new role with Bleacher Report, and managing things here. But you can be certain that the DNB will only get better and not suffer moving forward. If it doesn't let me know.

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