Firstly, I have to say you ladies all look absolutely stunning in those videos! However, I also have to say, dance ability, and your beautiful faces are not the only two things that will make you the last member of the Raptors Dance Pak. I have noticed through social media that some of you have caught on the Facebook and Twitter wagon. Good for you. Creating hype towards yourself during this competition is very important.

I was asked to give my opinion and thoughts on who I think should get the uniform for the 2012-2013 team. As former co-captain of the Raptors Dance Pak, the most important thing for me was how each of the girls worked in a team setting. This is the Raptors Dance Pak, not the Raptors Dance Girl. When the season starts, you will be in rehearsal three days a week. These 3 hour rehearsals are not easy. Amberley may at times throw 3 routines at you in one rehearsal, and expect (as a professional dancer) perfection by the next rehearsal. She will at times throw a new routine in rehearsal, and want it danced on court the next game. Pulling this together takes a team.

In my previous work on the Dance Pak here in the DNB, I continuously refer to the Pak as my second family. Many of the girls and I have remained friends to this day. So, beyond the dancing, the makeup, and the uniform, what interests me is your ability to live, work, and play with 15-16 other girls, 4-5 days a week. It's not an easy task. There were some Sunday mornings when I would walk through the change room doors, tired from the weekend, emotionally drained from a breakup, or physically and mentally tired from my week of school/work etc. That's when my co-captain Kat would step in. This would happen without me asking. She just knew. And that's team work, that's friendship, and that's the type of personality that Amberley is looking for.

There will be times when you won't remember the choreography, (trust me I've been there), and it's 3:00 pm, rehearsal on court starts at 3:45 pm. The Dance Pak needs ladies will come in a little bit earlier and help one another out with the choreography. These are just hidden stresses that will come while on the Pak. A group of strong girls to hold each other up is important.

You must be friendly, a people person, a hard worker, and dedicated to your job. So, from watching all of the videos on Raptors.com if I had to pick a lady for this years team, I would choose Jamie. I think she's super cute, her humble personality shines through her smile, and I like that she's had passed experience on a University Dance Team. Her enthusiasm for the Pak is refreshing. It's important that every part of you wants to be in rehearsal and on court all the time.I'm sorry to single anyone out! But that is my job here. I think you all are fabulous! Good luck in the competition! Hope to see you dancing on court! If not this year than in the future

You can vote for whoever you like though all these girls are putting themselves out there and deserve your support. You also are rewarded by the Raptors with a chance to win a contest for all of you that are voting. So in the end there is no excuse not to have your say. Go to Raptors.com and make your voice heard. 

xo -CK

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