Lakers As Desparate For A Win as The Raptors.

Quite simply the toughest team for the Raptors to play in their history with a 6-25 record. That improves slightly to 4-12 in Toronto. That said it is often not an easy win for the Lakers like last season in their only match-up it took a shot in dying moments from Kobe Bryant to win 94-92 last year in Toronto.

Lakers are in uncharted waters for them with a 17-22 record, winners of just 3 of their last 10 games and they are 5-12 on the road. They recently have been battling without Pau Gasol or Dwight Howard. A team that was expected to be much like what they had in Miami with James, Wade and Bosh has been anything but.

All of that said the Raptors are primed to be picked off as they have lost 4 straight games. The last couple in terrible fashion and were not talking the questionable calls at the end. We are talking blowing large leads in both games against Chicago and Philadelphia.

Speaking of the Heat earlier that is what is up next for the Raptors. So it gets no easier and the Raptors could very well be looking at a 6 game losing streak after a game down in Miami.

It is not so much a case of schemes or strategy for me today. It is you have two players in Bryant and Nash that have tasted nothing but success against the Raptors. They both have dominated this franchise in their hall of fame NBA careers.

Laker nation will be out in full force as well "The Toronto Chapter" of it. The only time the gold and purple will visit the ACC this season. It could be a long afternoon for loyal Raptors fans.

Keeping this short today but hit me on Twitter with your Raptors questions and topics using hashtag #TWIR5 on twitter. We need them for This Week In Raptorland and we reward the best with Chicken Wings from at St Louis Wings.

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