Raptors Take A Huge Gamble On Gay

So Finally a couple things have happened.....Jose Calderon is gone and Rudy Gay is coming to Toronto. It also cost the Raptors Ed Davis. As the deal works out Davis would be going the Grizzlies and Calderon would be heading to the Pistons who would be getting Prince and Daye in return from the hole left by Gay.

It may just be for Gay at the end of the day as this tweet suggests from Ken Berger:

I don't think anyone can successfully argue that Gay is worth his max contract. Which if the Raptors are willing to be a team that will venture beyond the tax threshold it really isn't an issue at all. If they do not this trade is loaded with risk. It also leaves the Raptors somewhat incomplete. The point guard controversy is now over. That said John Lucas III is not the answer as the back-up point guard. Lowry is battling back trouble at the moment as well.

The Raptors also lose Ed Davis who had been having a career year and was showing tremendous growth. You are left wonder what this means for the future of Andrea Bargnani. It has been rumoured he is as good as gone. That said if he is for what now would become the question? The Raptors would not exactly have a starting power forward unless they decided to move Amir Johnson back to the position. That would leave Quincy Acy as his back-up?

Give Colangelo this for whatever you think of him he does have a way of making the big deals happen. That said the history of his past big deals should cause you to be very worried about the future. They have never exactly gone as planned. One thing this does suggest is that his future is likely fairly secure as this is a serious investment he has been given the blessing to make by the MLSE board. That is not a sign of a guy on his way out the door.

I have a feeling this maybe just the first move of a few before we are done. It is easy to jump to conclusions but what this actually means for the Raptors still needs some questions to be answered and a few more moves to be made.

Calderon and Davis will not play tonight vs the Hawks... a clear sign the deal is done.

Jose Calderon for as much as I have wanted him gone has played well this season and you have to wonder what this offense will be like without him. He honestly had to go though as you were never keeping both him and Lowry. This puts a lot of pressure on Lowry to live up to the considerable hype that came with his arrival. He has failed to do that for the most part.

The Raptors shake-up is underway and this is likely just the start and it really does not change their outlook in terms of this season for me. What it means for their future moving forward remains to be seen.
I remain pretty damn sick by the way...But will keep up to date with this story but may not get into a recap of the game tonight. I will even attempt to do the Radio even though I may sound pretty horrible.

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