This Week In Raptorland: Buck Short Of Playoff Contention

It is Monday and as always the means it is time for This Week in Raptorland. We talk about a missed opportunity for the Raptors against the Bucks. The play of Kyle Lowry of late. We also became aware after this was recorded that:

Lowry missed practice to attend a funeral. This likely played a role in some of things we saw with Kyle in the Bucks game. That said was not info we were aware of at the time of recording the podcast. It may well play a role in the performance we saw from him in the game vs Bucks.

In any case we also talk about the Raptors second unit at length. A conversation on the toughness of Amir Johnson and relate it to the Robert Griffin III debate in the NFL. As well as much much more.

You might have noticed we forgot to pick a winner for the 1lb of Chicken Wings. My apologies and congratulations to Mitch McClure you are the winner. Also we teased an interview with Chuck Swirsky which is done and will be posting later today.

I encourage you all to use the hashtag #TWIR5 at anytime though out the week and get us your Raptors question or topic. We really enjoy having your participation in the show and we are able to reward you with a chance to get some good food from our sponsors St Louis Wings. We encourage you to get involved even if you have won in the past. There is no rule against winning a second time but we do try to favor the new contributors. Regardless of the prize being a part of it we just want to hear from you.

If you have trouble listening head over to our podcast host and you can listen or download there including I-Tunes. 

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