This Week In Raptorland

Once again we are here for another week of talking Raptors basketball. It was a rough week for the Raptors despite an unexpected win over the Lakers on Sunday. We start off with talk about that game. Along the way we get to many of our usual features as well as some fun. So sit back and enjoy a fun conversation with myself and Josh Lewenberg of TSN 1050.

I really would like to keep the fan questions going as part of how we give away Chicken Wings for are great sponsors at St Louis Wings but we need you to get at us with your questions and topics. You can use the hashtag #TWIR5 at any time during the week to get your questions and topics as part of our show and give you a chance to take home a pound of Chicken Wings.

We will also try to come up with some new ways to give you chances to take home some wings and keep it fresh each week. But if we get the response to do the Fan Frenzy portion of the show that is the ideal way to make you a part of the show and also give you the chance to win something as a way to say thanks. So remember the hashtag #TWIR5 and use it anytime during the week.

Thanks for listening and for the continued support. We put a lot of time and effort into making a good program for you to listen to each and every week. If you are not able to listen here or would like to download the podcast you can go to our podcast host to get all of our audio features in the DNB.

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